“Intensity can lead to patterns of behaviour that we are so used to, one might even call it an addiction” by Philippe Doubell

“In order for us to live with the disease we need to acknowledge that we are a people who feel very intensely. This becomes a habitual intensity that is often pursued after the commencement of medication to control the disease. Like an addict of stimulants will imbibe agents to gain the ecstasy of intoxication, so bipolar sufferers will stop taking treatment to experience the ecstasy of elevated mood. All we need to ask ourselves is, is what we are doing harming ourselves and/or others. How do we manage our risk? With great intensity comes great responsibility.”

Philippe lives with bipolar disorder and can be found on Facebook as Bipolar Disorder- A Path Taken.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree we have the capacity to ask ourselves at that point of intensity if we are harmful to others?

What about women who lived undiagnosed with post part um depression- those who kill their children, surely they reach some sort of intensity?

Feel free to discuss in  the comment section below.

– OLE team 

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