Ketamine for the sads?

You’ve probably heard about trials of Ketamine as a wonder drug for depression (yup, even intractable bipolar depression) in the States, but the local ‘cybershrink’ at Health24 has some cautionary things to say.

This sounds like really good news. But the quality of research supporting such claims is still poor and limited, and there are other serious reasons for caution. Drug abusers reportedly develop tolerance to the effects of the drug quite rapidly, and regular use can cause bladder and kidney problems. It can also cause raised blood pressure and hallucinations. Could ‘horse tranquiliser’ be a treatment for depression?

Cybershrink himself is Prof Michael Simpson, who has great looking credentials, and you can ask him questions online. Scroll down to the end of the article for more info. The Mental Health category of Health24 has more articles that may be of interest to you.

I have absolutely no idea whether ketamine will prove useful and safe, but I do think that the use of the words ‘horse tranquiliser’ in the title is intended to be negative, when it really shouldn’t be. After all, both cortisone and probiotics used for animals, are exactly the same as the variety used for humans. Buying it as a street drug for self medication would be incredibly stupid, in fact, using it for self medication at all would be stupid. The  again, if you’re buying street drugs or self medicating in any way at all, stupidity might be a bridge you’ve already crossed.

Don’t try this at home (or anywhere else), but about 20 years ago in my druggy phase, two friends and I tried ket. One of the guys told me the following day that his wife had been completely mystified to get home to find him watching a switched off TV while waiting for a salad to finish microwaving.

Wanna know more? Here’s the latest news about ketamine in general and here’s the latest about its use as a treatment for depression.

And remember kids, be safe out there.


11 responses to “Ketamine for the sads?

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    A little something I scribbled for Yvette’s South African bipolar site. I have a fast and dirty favour to ask of you. Please could you click through to the post on her page? It’d be good to get the stats up. Thanks lots – and may I say you’re looking particularly well dressed and we’ll adjusted this fine day?

    Arsecreeping? Moi!?


  2. That seems really weird. I’ll have to read the research (haven’t done that yet), but it seems to me that a “downer” would not be the most effective cure for depression. Interesting article!

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  3. That seems really weird. I’ll have to read the research (haven’t done that yet), but it seems to me that a “downer” would not be the most effective cure for depression. Interesting article!.

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  4. “can cause bladder and kidney problems”?
    That’s a short list compared to the friggin’ dictionary of side effects the pharmacist hands me every time I refill.

    Besides, horse tranquilizer is already a euphamism for “seroquel” and “:trazadone”. They dish those out like frigging breath mints.

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    • Rofl mhm…. Seroquel usually only kicks ass at low doses though. But ja, side effects… O joy o rapture. My shrink said that some cholesterol meds fucked her up so bad that everything after it feels mild. I feel that way about lithium, although there’s a possibility I’ll go back on it, bit in small doses. I sometimes wonder if that magic meds cocktail they speak of, that turns us into euthymia human beings, is simply a magic side effect free meds cocktail.

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