Can you donate eggs if you are bipolar

This blog post has nothing to do with chickens. I’ll admit I’d never thought about this issue before I stumbled upon the article that follows. Anyway, I wondered what you guys think of the whole thing? Bear in mind that most clinics around the world have the same guidelines in place, baby2mom Egg Donation Agency is a South African one.


“Egg donation requires a careful screening for egg donors. Recipients of donor eggs are getting new and unknown genetic material so a thorough assessment is imperative.  Whilst bipolar is an attribute inidividuals mat may have to live with. It is not encouraged that woman women who are biopolar bipolar proceed as egg donors. This increases the risk for all parties involved. As part of the initial assessment undertaken by an egg donor agency, questions pertaining to genetic attributes are part of the egg donor application. Depression, psychosis, schitzophrenia schizophrenia and bipolar are all genetic aspects and should caution raise a red flag as genetic concerns. So essentially egg donation bipolar is not a risk that will materialise through a reputable egg donation agency where thorough and appropriate screening will have been performed. Ethically, it may not be a fair process for a bipolar woman to proceed with egg donation too. It places undue risk on her as well. So whilst an egg donation recipient is at the mercy of young healthy egg donors to help her/ him conceive, it is not morally acceptable to initiate a process whereby recipients of donor eggs are receiving known genetic concerns – diseases, abnormalities, etc. baby2mom Egg Donation Agency facilitates online egg donations through an established egg donation website. An extensive high level assessment is undertaken by the egg donor agent, followed by a thorough and personalised assessment with a qualified psychologist who specialises in egg donation screening. The final approval is via the medial assessment made up of hormonal blood tests and an internal scan. Egg donation bipolar – potential egg donors showing indications of genetic diseases such as bipolar will unfortunately be declined. This is in the best interests of egg donation recpients recipients – offering them a fair chance and for egg donors – so as not to be placed under undue and unneccessary risks.” source

I found some really interesting commentary in ‘Do Egg Donors Lie?’ – the comments on the article are fascinating too.

6 responses to “Can you donate eggs if you are bipolar

  1. I’m beautiful, I’m clever, I’m Oxford educated, I’m musically talented, I’m well read, I’m in good shape. I’m modest too ;-p People should want my eggs – but I’m bipolar. Heck, people with a family history of cancer, or heart disease, or obesity and all sorts are able to donate eggs – all of those things can be passed onto the next generation. Why am I being discriminated against? Are they being told it’s not recommended too? My bipolar in some ways is awful, but in other ways is such a blessing. Want a genius child? Bipolar people can be some of the most successful in the world. That’s what a lot of people want for their children initially, isn’t it, hence the careful selection of donor eggs? I’m not a risk – I’m a chance!

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  2. I’d like to know what monozygotic twin studies they used to decide bipolar was genetic – and the concordance rates – because last I heard it was only unfounded speculation. I don’t know of anyone with bipolar who has bipolar parents or children. Same goes for schizophrenia.


  3. No its not me, this is for a friend:)
    She has a few issues and she has confided me with her horrible mistake. And it seems quite amazing that im doing this for her, but shes my closest friend. After hearing her cry and cry so much about her mistake I had no other choice but to forgive her, for what she did to me and her family. She lied about having schizophrenia, not only that her family believed her and she went to the mental institute because they believed her. Her option was to recieve therapy, which her mother forced, out of love of course. Anyhow her and I had thought about donating our eggs, I believe Im ok. but she recently finished therapy last year and left the institute. Would she still be able to donate?? Does she have to say she has schizoprenia? She has the documents to “prove it”. Im assuming that if she said no, they would still look at her documents stating she went to the institute, and that she was diagnoized with schizophrenia. So yes in a way it was her fault for being there, when she lied. But she can never prove that she lied about having schizophrenia. Do you see what im saying?? She would have to lie about it again, but only because she has “proof”
    Would they still accept her eggs??


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