Are YOU a mental health blogger or open about your mental illness?

Blahpolar Diaries is one of our resident authors at Our Lived Experience and she’s also quite talented in other areas like design and probably eating chillipoppers (Jalapeno peppers stuffed with Feta cheese and then deep fried). The latter is a guess but I wouldn’t be surprised.


She designed a beautiful badge for bloggers associated with OLE (check our blogroll on the right hand side of the screen). If you’re open about your illness and write about it, we’d love to hear from you!

We aim to create a network of bloggers where we can:

  • Examine issues relating to a particular group of people (Bipolar Disorder, Depression, OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder etc.)
  • Develop into a national network that would provide a basis for mutual support (which will enable sharing of ideas and experiences)
  • Work toward raising awareness, education and thereby de-stigmatizing mental illness in our country

We welcome you to share who you are with us.

Submit your stories to:


OLE team

9 responses to “Are YOU a mental health blogger or open about your mental illness?

  1. Reblogged this on Yve's Corner and commented:
    If you’re a mental health advocate or just someone who wants to have a say about mental illness in South, then join the network.

    Blahpolar Diaries designed a new badge to make talking about mental health so so cool. ;o

    #mentalhealth in #SouthAfrica

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  2. Reblogged this on blahpolar diaries and commented:

    You don’t have to be South African to get involved, you just need to be interested or MAYBE YOU HAVE A FRIEND WHO’S SOUTH AFRICAN and so on *grin*

    I am quite accomplished at the consumption of chilipoppers Yvette *moar grinning* it’s only life that I lack talent for. I’m way cooler on the Internet too. *scratches hunchback and staggers off muttering about pigeons*

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  3. I would love to have that badge on my blog because it’s beautiful, and you’re lucky to have a Blah working with you :). I know one South African lady personally and one is the aforementioned Blah. I have been writing about mental health without knowing I was for years, and now I am on the path to a diagnosis so that I can say with certainty whether I am Bipolar or have BPD or both or more. I am not really open with the rest of the world yet, then again part of me getting much better has meant I have actively kept the rest of the world quite distant. I have only recently started to see all my past under this new light and so have epiphanies and breakthroughs every blooming day.
    So, long story short, can I use that badge even though I’m not South African and I am as yet undiagnosed fully?
    That is half serious, I understand if it’s more of a South African thing.

    The afore mentioned South African woman I knew suffered terribly when in South Africa (she has relocated to England a few years back). Asides from telling us that there was nobody you would ever meet In South Africa who hadn’t been the victim of some seriously violent crime or was a very close relative of someone who had (which I’m sure doesn’t help with anxiety which, in my case, is a set-off for the more volatile symptoms), she was forced into hospitalisation and she wouldn’t go into all the horrible things that happened there. Whatever it was, that period broke her, and she felt betrayed by her mother who was the one that did it. For me, that was confirmation at the time that I was quite right in keeping my struggles to myself and not confiding in anybody :(

    My dad has often been in South Africa for work and always says wonderful things about it. Combining the various impressions it sounds like it’s a very pleasant Russian Roulette.
    I belong to no country but I am a resident of England so I guess I’ll join something more local. nevertheless, keep up the good work guys and dolls x

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