South African Recovery Film Festival- Heading to the Labia Theater in Cape Town

The Cape Town Recovery Film Festival, has gone national and has been renamed the South African Recovery Film Festival. The festival is of particular interest to us because it focuses on recovery from addition and other mental disorders.

“It aims to destigmatise this often misunderstood area, telling accessible stories and putting faces to these often debilitating conditions.”

“Crime, poverty, family breakdown, violence, sexual and domestic abuse and the rape of children are all part of a vicious cycle of trauma and dislocation that are ravaging our [South African] society,” says Lance Katz, Chief Executive of the South African College of Applied Psychology, one of the festival partners.

“Drug and alcohol abuse, as well as other forms of addiction, are deeply enmeshed in this phenomenon as both causes and symptoms of the problem. The South African Recovery Film Festival acts as a catalyst for positive change.” Film, he believes, is an extremely powerful medium for destigmatising what is so often misunderstood.

Their main aim is to tackle the stigma surrounding addition.

“The stigma that surrounds addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues often drives shame and ignorance of the conditions and not only makes access to help difficult, but provides no space to celebrate the solutions,”.

Films tackle alcoholism to bipolar disorder to borderline personality disorder to a range of other issues.

Some of the films on show:

A Royal Hangover and features Russell Brand.

(A rare) cinema screening of the Oscar-nominated doccie Let’s Get Lost by photographer Bruce Weber.

OC87– story of Buddy Clayman (who suffered from a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder, major depression, bipolar disorder and Asperger’s syndrome)

No Time to Think explores the issue of technology addiction.

Web Junkie looks at the rehabilitation of China’s internet addicted.

The Man with the Golden Arm- first major Hollywood production to take on the subject of illegal drug abuse (heroin).

Of Two Minds looks at Bipolar disorder.

Back from the Edge delves into Borderline Personality Disorder

Radioman  is a doccie about one of New York’s best-known film-set mascots.

There’s a whole lot more to see – check out the programme for more.

Details on how to get involved:

Take part: The first Recovery Walk takes place in Cape Town on Thursday 24 September. Meet at the Methodist Church, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town @ 2.30pm.

Watch: The South African Recovery Film Festival takes place from 24–27 September at the Labia in Cape Town and The Bioscope in Johannesburg. Visit

The South African Recovery Film Festival is a project of While You Were Sleeping, a registered South African Non Profit Organisation (NPO registration no: 137-167 NPO).

Source: daily maverick

-OLE Team

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