Another South African Bipolar Linkdump


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Did you ever think that rugby players would be prone to mental health issues? Some of our guys took part in the following survey.


‘Players forced to retire are two & a half times more likely to report mental health problems’ A new study in the European Journal of Sport Science shows professional rugby players need support especially if they’re forced to walk away from the sport.

As if we weren’t desperately short of mental health resources already, here’s another piece of bad news. And given the fact that 75% of the country’s mentally ill receive no help at all, every single loss is a major problem.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) is battling to keep its doors open due to a lack of funding.


And next up is another discouraging news item. I’m sorry to hit you with more bad news in a country full of it, but we know we can’t rely on the government for help. Perhaps it’s time that the haves take a bit more responsibility for the have nots. Because the current situation is inhumane and tragic. It doesn’t necessarily mean forking out cash either, we could volunteer, we could open our eyes to communities beyond the suburbs and assist in any way possible, no matter how small. We have voices and a responsibility to speak up for those who do not.

“Did you know that childhood trauma has a lasting impact on a person’s DNA? Did you know that in South Africa there is exactly one public-sector psychologist and/or psychiatrist for every 300,000 members of the population? Kevin Bloom is led from these considerations into a looming national quandary: do we continue to throw our limited funds and energies at ambiguous concepts like Lead SA and the anti-corruption march, or do we move from such externals onto the tougher ground of the country’s roiling inner life?” The Psyche of the Nation: A report from inside the mind of a public-sector child psychologist.

And now for some hope; an article that draws upon the life of Madiba to back up its theory.

It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s Done (and Why Zero Suicide is Possible, Dammit): “Where do we start?” “Here. We start here and now. We might fall on our butts but we must use “failure” to readjust toward success.”


“I have learnt that stereotypes are a component of stigma. They assign negative attributes to socially salient differences forming what social identity theorists call in-group and out-group categorisation. People tend to stereotype as a means of screening people into either the in-group (us) or out-group (them) which in eventuality determines whether a group is accepted or rejected.” South Africa: Stereotypes From ‘Unsound Mind’ Clauses.

Teacher sacked after 7 years’ sick leave: Durban – A Chatsworth teacher who was dismissed after being on sick leave with full pay for seven years wants his job back. The teacher – whose name is being withheld because he suffers from severe depression and bipolar disorder – said he had booked off sick in the last term of 2006 and had not been back at work since then.

It’d be easy to say, “only in South Africa,” about it, but the truth is, stuff like that happens all over. The next link is from September 2014, but it’s an intriguing read nonetheless, and sadly I couldn’t find any follow up info online.

Bipolar sufferer ‘a threat to society’: “I own a car worth R330 000, but I go to a house to steal two bags of ladies’ clothes?”


23 responses to “Another South African Bipolar Linkdump

  1. Hi blah, I like the facelift! It helps to know what is really going on in your country regarding mental health; I still would like to know more because these things are very complex. I’m as crazy for rugby as many are for football (soccer). I was 10 years old when I started watching the games on TV, at the time was the 5 nation’s rugby. I was Wales team biggest fan (Gareth Davies was the captain) and liked Scotland as well. Now I’m a Crusaders fan from New Zealand (sorry… ;) I never imagine mental health problems within these athletes, maybe because I never heard anything about it before. We always hear how much they earn and being elite athletes I could never imagine they would struggle in this department. I know that when they leave their carriers it’s natural to have depression but what sort of depression and what else I never knew. I always think that because they have the means to pay for treatment I never consider their needs. What do you think has to happen in South Africa and what to do to get it, maybe an international campaign?! You know, Oprah Winfrey is very influential maybe starting with her. We never know if she would be interested in creating awareness about this world wide.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmmmmmm…. When Oprah started a girls school here, they ended up with a major scandal about staff beating children. I don’t know what needs to happen – healthcare in general is fucked too, largely because it’s badly underfunded. So I guess we need our government kicked into touch, to budget better, the local governments need to actually use the allocated funds (it’s unbelievable how much money doesn’t get used, thus falling away at the end of the budget year) in ethical ways. Also, corruption. So much corruption.

      Shit, I went off at a major tangent there. However, given the tragic state of health care and awareness here, I think the rugby players should all come out about it and create some awareness for those without voices, and those who think mental illness isn’t manly.

      Thanks for the thought provoking comment (and please excuse my fragged mind, I’m on day 3 of hypo).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, this tribe doesn’t need apologies, we are normal here!!;) We are in our world, remember?! Do you take anything for the hypo…? I made the biggest error, few days ago, of drinking some coffee (that I so much miss) and my head literally felt like it was going to explode! LOL I was all over and nowhere at the same time. I was talking so fast it was ridiculous… I didn’t even know I was in hypo while depressed! I hope you’ll feel better a.s.a.p.
        I don’t know what to say anymore about changing things for the better. I remembered Oprah because of that school and because she was Mr. Nelson Mandela’s friend, being an educator in her own way maybe she would like to help… I don’t have much faith in governments or whatever rules in this world with so much political interests and as you said, cultural ignorance that I am shutting down to “saving the world” as I always wanted to because I don’t even think I can save myself… Trying doesn’t hurt. Maybe this pope or maybe Oprah can help us find the way of making the change. It has to start somewhere… I think it’s getting harder to find the braves in this world or maybe we are fighting too many wars! I know, I am drifting again I’m a mess these days (I have to do a biopsy on my breast and here comes more pain too which I’m getting too tired of…) sorry… ;)

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        • I have sulpuride prn for the anxious and buzzy states, and I can increase the bedtime chlorpromazine too – you? Mixed episodes are the worst thing for me, idk what to do about them really. I agree, trying doesn’t hurt – in fact it does the opposite. It’s the least we can do.

          I’m so sorry you’ve got to have a biopsy – nasty stuff, but I hope it puts you on the path to a whole lot less pain and a whole lot more recovery. Strongs!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I only take 2 Lexotan 3 mg (Bromazepam) when I can’t handle it at all, or just 1 to have some sleep if I’m having insomnia 3 days in a row, nothing else. Thank you for the support about the biopsy I’m still waiting to find when it’s going to be, I know it’ll be soon. Next year (March) I am certain they will want to do the same to my Thyroid… Just getting cranky with the same shit all over again… If not my bipolar, life will depress me so yes, I’m Fckd. Why do I have the feeling that someone or something works so hard to make my life even more sadistic than already is? I feel like I am climbing the stairs of pain until it destroys what’s left of me. Too tired and motivation’s gone. Why fight when I can’t control a thing? Sorry, bad days… Take care and thank you with all my heart. Hugs


              • No worries Blah I’m not immortal, I’m tough until the day I realize it’s time to go and I don’t need to fight any more. Until then I‘ll keep breathing because that’s the only way I retaliate against those who want me to end my life ;) I don’t like much writing because everything looks even more dramatic and frankly I don’t give a shit anymore. What makes me angry is that I wasn’t born to be a victim, I don’t feel sorry for myself, I just want all this shit to stop and be able to live my life again without being run over all the time. I’m sorry to vent all of this it’s too much even for me, I don’t like to think of it, it’s a survival thing, I don’t “look at it”. I just don’t talk to no one these days I’m too cranky and not a good company. How are you doing regarding your hypo? I’m eating too many sweets LOL I hope I won’t be fat after this LOL I can feel the sugar rush coming… I can’t drink, smoke, have sex, smoke pot, etc… I will die with an overdose of sugar LOL I think I am living in Twilight Zone… I’m trying to motivate myself to exercise because It’s good for the brain, very addictive and a lot more healthy but I’m too depressed, I feel like I’m becoming invisible. Have you ever had that feeling? Being so down that your vital energy seems to be absent from your body? Oh no, I’m overdosing!!!! LOL


                • I am so not clicking like on your comment, because I hate the fact that you’re suffering so badly. What’s the prognosis for your physical stuff? We all np know what the bipolar prognosis is – bleak. My hypo has hopped off, it never lasts long at all with me. Ja I know that ‘so down you can’t get up’ feeling. Enjoy the sugar highs :)

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Sweet you, thanks for the support, it feels good. My physical prognoses… I am very rich in fibroids, cysts etc. The organs affected by it are: Thyroid, ovaries, breasts, lungs, uterus. The doctors want to: do a hysterectomy (Uterine Myomatosis and polyps), take my thyroid (multinodular goiter colloid, only one can be seen on the outside of my neck and it’s getting smaller). They most likely want to take the cyst on my right breast, that’s why my doctor wants the biopsy (they have found more than the old ones who were 9 in total on both breasts I don’t know how many I have now) I did the mammography and the eco at the hospital on the 5th this month I have to ask a copy next time. You see for those, like me, who were unable to live their lives as they wanted, it feels like torture for the fact of not having breast feed or having babies. I hope they don’t want to take off my brain when they find I’m bipolar! LOL cancer is in my genes I know it will show up one day so what?


                  • I forgot to mention my wrists! LOL (I feel like a very old lady collecting pain and little illnesses LOL) after graduating as a Recovery Massage Therapist, 3 years ago, while taking care of mother dearest and because of it, I start losing synovial from the joints of my wrists creating… CYSTS!!! LOL so I can’t be a therapist ever because it’s very painful and I lost a lot of the strength in my hands. I’m the mother of all cysts!!! Fear me… The surgeon said there’s nothing to be done to make it better (old news LOL) I know, it way too stupid to be a joke. No more venting on this…

                    Liked by 1 person

      • LOL hahahahahah LOL What a disgrace!!!! How could you!!!!??? I’m so proud of you!! Love it! You sure are unique! Welcome to the best rugby ever played! Man, we have the most beautiful thing in common LOL My dream is to go live there (NZ) and go see the games live in their stadiums… I can’t even see a game live on TV for many years now, in Europe we are condemned to see football as the king of all sports and I don’t like it. We have Rugby teams as well; female and male, and our male team played against All Blacks and were a good surprise To the All Blacks, we deed great! My best friend was, for many years, a rugby player and won the national championship when he played in the junior team many years ago. I know, I love this sport too much… LOL The 1st question I asked him when I met him was: I’m sorry for the question, but were you a rugby player? He said yes, and I was in heaven LOL He is very tall and exactly like those big brutal rugby players I love to watch on the field. A coach called him the pillar of death!!! LOL

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        • I think it’s probably because I was an All Blacks fan when we were under sanctions and couldn’t play international rugby. I was stoked when we won the first world cup we played in after Madiba was freed and the country with it (the world cup was in 95 I think), but then I reverted.

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