Community with a purpose

What makes us different? It is not just our diagnosis, it is how we share it with the world and how we relate to each other because of it.

Quotes by South Africans
It feels as though I am suddenly surrounded by unique individuals whom I have never physically met. Nevertheless there are things that they understand about my daily life because they experience it as well. I guess – thank you internet!

So today thanks to the radio, I heard about a bipolar symposium,  that’s happening in my hood and it is free! I simply HAD to contact the person in charge! Well i basically became the usual stalker person and google the event. My heart blossomed! I’ve been dreaming of going to such an event for years!


Braaipolar on Facebook

The man responsible sounds like such an inspiration, not just because of the event but also because he attempted a Guinness World Record!  Here’s the website that tells us more about the challenge. Braaipolar official website.


Mense hierdie man kan braai!! A direct translation? People this man can barbecue!! Haha! Although in South Africa, a braai can only be called a braai. This idea does not just show a  brilliant play on words but also raises awareness on a huge scale!

So this is my conclusion…. I simply cannot continue as if i was not touched by the entirety of this golden thread. Firstly – sharing ideas on OLE with women who inspire me beyond my knowledge of the now. Secondly –  the actions of this man and his family. We all know how challenging our condition becomes to our loved ones. Mr Richard Knoetze you have touched a life today!


Bipolaroids and friends of us, let us not keep quiet anymore. Let us share and raise awareness in our own unique ways. I will be attending the seminar of course and also make notes diligently so I can report back ASAP.

If you are not familliar with #sayitforward and #eliminatethebarrier, here’s the info. Join the convo.

8 responses to “Community with a purpose

  1. “Friends of Bipolar”? I am no friend of bipolar nor is my name Bipolar either, I don’t get it… (But then again I’m a very, very old lady ;). I hope that symposium helps the families of those suffering from Bipolar Disorder to understand their needs because that’s what really matters, in my opinion.

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    • Hey Trinity, thank you for reading the post. Discussions will include meds yay or nay, nutrition and diet, diagnosis, support etc. I think if your life is touched by bipolar disorder in any way; being a friend rather than an its enemy is way more helpful. Please read my follow up post on the symposium, I hope i do it justice.

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      • I don’t want to sound aggressive at this, because I’m not. I say nay to meds, yay to good nutrition lowering the body’s inflammation (if you can afford it)! I haven’t found any good support nor do I have it from my so called family. So, although it should be the most important thing in our lives, I never had that luck, instead I support them… I have Bipolar disorder among other things and I am an enemy of Bipolar Disorder, that’s why I fight it all my life. I am not anybody’s enemy though; I have found many extraordinaire warriors of bipolar that are my support here online. To fight such war you need to understand your enemy (Bipolar Disorder) it’s not something trendy, like the image celebrities pass to the outside world just to pretend they are extraordinaire, they’re not. Living with Bipolar Disorder it’s hell and I’m no friend of any demons.


        • Totally hear you. Please don’t think I’m aggressive either. There’s a chinese quote that made so much sense to me once I applied it. To conquer a beast you must first make it beautiful. Bipolar was my beast and to conquer and understand it had to see its beauty as well. Tough job! So what I’m saying is, I don’t love this illness/ disorder but since I’m stuck with it I might as well make it work for me and make it beautiful.

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  2. Reblogged this on Yve's Corner and commented:

    South Africa Mental Health NEWS:
    Bipolar symposium at Valkenberg Hospital Friday 23rd October 2015 at 9:30am.

    Topics that will be covered:
    Discussions will include meds yay or nay,
    nutrition and diet,
    support etc.

    Thanks Ilze :)


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