Art therapy

One of my favourite forms of therapy is art therapy. I enjoy it because it calms me and the process itself is exciting. I love to see how blank canvases and colour collide to produce pictures that speak to the soul. Before being hospitalized I found out about art classes being run at my local Midas store. The thought to join a class crossed my mind, but it wasn’t until my therapist mentioned that it would be a good idea, that I finally took the plunge.

The art teacher, Jannie, was patient and encouraging. When he first saw the photo I wanted to paint (from my garden), he didn’t think it would be an easy feat. This mainly because it was my first class. He thought I should have tried something a little less of a challenge but I continued anyway.

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

It wasn’t long before I got lost into my own world and although I got a few anxiety attacks during the class, he wasn’t too far to calm me down and center me again.

As the hours passed, I grew confident, arm steady and heart beaming. I felt so alive. The class breathed life into me.


Have a look at the pictures as they progressed from photo to acrylics to the final layer of oils.

Thanks to Jannie and Elmaire (from the Midas store in Vredenburg). If you want to attend classes, contact her on 073 174 2676. They cost R270 and you just need to buy your canvas. Everything else is supplied.

Happy painting!


14 responses to “Art therapy

  1. It’s really gorgeous mate, I love it to bits. And I think it’s freaking astonishing that something that awesome came out of your first lesson. I kind of hate you, because I wish I could do that. But then, I kinda don’t hate you, because I couldn’t hate someone who can do that. And doing art is a great way to gradually instil some real confidence – I saw it happen with my best mate in this area and it was a wonderful thing to see.

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    • Lmao!!!!!

      Look I tried to create a gallery and then I don’t know what happened. I couldn’t even add an ‘artwork’ tag for some reason. Wouldn’t allow it. Hence me saying the post looks off but THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CALLING ME OUT ON IT. Hahahaha


  2. Ohmygod Yve, that is stunning! You have a real talent. Hope you continue to explore it. I have the envy ‘cos I can’t paint so beautifully. Funnily enough I have been contemplating doing some art therapy, so now you’ve inspired me….. it’ll be something involving stick figures and some finger painting…. hehehe

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    • Thanks my dear. :) I’m hoping to explore it as far as the budget allows it. Broke bipolars are in fashion I believe.

      I dare you to do it, express yourself. Stick people are people too. hahahaha. And feel free to post it afterwards. ;)

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  3. Gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous picture! You remind me of my beloved Dad. He was uber-creative too; a wonderful artist & I have several of his oil paintings right in front of me that are more precious to me than any piece of gold…. like you, bipolar wasn’t his entire identity by any means!

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    • Thanks Dy, what an honour to be part of the same league as your dad. I hope I get to pass down my works to my children too.

      I am not my diagnosis. :)

      Hope the book writing is coming along well.

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      • Much love! Am writing again, which is better than the big, fat ZERO amount of writing I was not doing over the past few weeks! Which was not good for my mood at all……I’ve been a grumpy bitch.

        I know your children have inherited some of your gifts! XOXOXO

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  4. Don’t you just hate that big fat zero? That was me too. Trying to get back onto the saddle of this wild horse.

    At least you’re honest about your mood. Who can say they were a grumpy bitch? I know thousands who would sugar coat that shit. ;) Well, except Blah.

    Thanks my lovely xoxox
    Good luck with the writing. Thinking of you!!


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