We can build it up, when it feels like breaking down

Welcome to the first official Mental Floss Monday!

Not only is it a Monday, it is a month-end Monday. And to make matters worse…. it’s a month-end Monday that’s only two month’s away from Christmas.

Feeling overwhelmed and despondent?

Feeling overwhelmed and despondent?

Urghhhh, greater demands and higher expectations takes its toll. The day getting you down? Is your stress ball deflated? How many times today have you hyperventilated into a brown paper bag? Phoned a friend only to discover they’re as despondent as you? Are you a lone island is a sea of empty chocolate wrappers? Has your body become a percolator of caffeine, nicotine and bubbling adrenaline?

“We can build it up when it feels like breaking down”

Take heart in those doubful moments when the day overwhelms and hope seems undefined. Turn up the volume to Monark’s  ‘Build It Up’, an encouraging song with insightful lyrics.

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