I always rise again

Mantra’s – medicine for the soul. Every now and then, everyone needs some encouragement to start the day, get through the day or make it through an event or situation. That’s where mantra’s come in, a personal affirmation used for encouragement and motivation. Anything repeated long enough permeates the subconscious and impacts our daily lives.

Mantras work best when personalised, so alter it as you need, to make it your own. Let this mantra perculate and see what it can do for you:



3 responses to “I always rise again

  1. Reblogged this on Pieces of Bipolar and commented:

    I felt it apt to reblog something I posted for Our Lived Experience (ourlivedexperience.wordpress.com) to help remind me that no matter how low I feel right now, its all about the comeback, the rising again. ‘Cos let’s face it…. you can’t keep a good bipolar down!


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