The Local is Lekker Linkdump

Our Lived Experience

Welcome to this, the inaugural South African linkdump, may blog bless her and all who sail in her. First up, human interest stories, featuring a word from the owner of this lovely blog (OK, OK, several words), Yvette Hess.

“I remember during my times of severe depression or manic episodes, I’d lay awake at night searching for fellow sufferers in South Africa online who could relate to anything I was experiencing. The friends I made abroad also directed me to a handful of South African bloggers, but I needed more. I was done just surviving- I wanted to thrive, and learn from others and share my experiences too. I decided to start a project where anyone suffering from mental illness could share their story- and so become a point of reference where one’s life, albeit a challenging one, it is captured and celebrated in all its glory. It was then…

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