Harness your power

2-misty cliffs

Misty Cliffs, Cape Town

Sometimes the power of nature’s beauty can help us to take a step back and gain a different perspective. Provide a chance to relflect on how small bipolar could be within the greatness of our individual lives.

Who knows? With the correct balance of life, illness and medical management, bipolar could become less of a sufferance and rather more manageable.

3-cape point

Cape Point, Cape Town

So as this year begins, perhaps a review of our own personal management plan is just what the doctor ordered. How is your own personal health management plan working for you? Could it use some tweeking?  I know mine could use more than a mere tweeking, mine could use a complete overhaul.

-How are your moods? Do you chart them?

-Do you know each one of your triggers? And how to avoid/deal with them?

-Do you fully understand your diagnosis? Need a bit more research?

-How is your sleep pattern of late? Perhaps an earlier bedtime or a sleeping pill?

-Is your diet nutritious (chocolate IS still a plant…I’m sure you’ve heard the rationale)

-Dare I ask…. *whispers* do you exercise?

-Are your meds working for you?

-Are you satisfied with your medical team?

-Do your loved ones provide the love and support you need?

So who knows? If you became your own best advocate, armed yourself with knowledge, clearly communicated your needs, perhaps you could become your own beautiful force of nature?


1-table mnt

Table Mountain, Cape Town

8 responses to “Harness your power

  1. Love the photos! Very good reminder/checklist. I shall be reviewing my personal/health goals and I will definitely keep this list in mind. Thank you.

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    • Thanks Dyane! I’ve read a bit of your post. Very interesting. I have a short attention span so will dip in and out during the day. I agree, exercise is vital – releasing endorphines, dopamine etc. I applaud you working out 6 days a week. My goal is MUUUUUCH simpler – walk around the block every Sunday morning. I know its not much, but its a start, and once a week doesn’t set me up for failure. Surprisingly, I really do enjoy it. Ok, back to reading your post….. ;)


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