Greetings and salutations, o best beloved and beleaguered bipolar tribe; now stand still while I dump some links all over you. Parental advisory for foul language later in the post.

BraaiPolar 2015 Diary:

Creed’s Scott Stapp spoke about his struggle with bipolar disorder, visiting South Africa for the first time and whether the band will reunite.

Play this loud:

Slaapstad: “Standing in line at a public clinic can be daunting for many street people, with many reporting being passed over in waiting lines or patients moving away from them because they are seen to be wearing old, dirty clothing. But a pilot project offering care to specifically street people in the CBD has seen a clinic growing from strength to strength.” pilot project a huge success

And on planet No Shit Sherlock, to quote the late, great Frank Zappa, the torture never stops…

Vrystaat: “But only about a quarter of those who needed treatment were getting access. This is partly because expenditure on mental health is pitiful. On average, provinces spend less than 3% of their health budgets on mental health, mostly on psychiatric hospitals which, in any case, should be the last resort in the chain of treatment. There are several other reasons for this dismal provision. These include: vast distances to access specialized services, the chronic stigma barrier in public health facilities, inequality and poverty. People suffering from mental illness are caught in a “cycle of poverty”, which leaves little prospect of escape. South Africa Isn’t Managing Mental Illness, Particularly for the Poor.

We have 800 psychiatrists in this country. Eight fucking hundred. I’ve blogged about it all many times, so I’ll spare you the whole rant this time, but…FUCK!

“Perhaps the best medicine to manage your bipolar disorder is only available on the private market and costs nearly R29 000 per year. US and European pharmaceutical industries see South Africa as “ground zero” for keeping their large profit margins. Many people living in South Africa struggle to pay outrageous medical bills or forgo medication when they cannot afford it.” Speak up for affordable medicine

TWENTY NINE GRAND WTF WTF WTF Thanks very much indeed European and USA corporations. The next article offers hope, but personally I find it far too simplistic and I’m very, very sceptical. Also, the first image they used pisses me right off. It’s a very cool image, used in a nasty way. I do not have three heads. Let me know what you think.


“Mental illness is often sidelined in South Africa due to an inadequate workforce – however cost effective interventions and enhanced health systems would enable adequate delivery of mental health services.” South Africa struggles to manage mental illness.

My bipolar disorder made me do it – “many people claim to be Bipolar or depressed and many people use this excuse as something to explain things such as mood swings, depression or doing stuff they know they shouldn’t be doing and most of these people I have met have never gotten help for it; simply because someone might tell them they are full of shit.”

“Tumaini Temu, who had been arrested in Washington, D.C. He had previously been hospitalized in Tanzania after walking into traffic and trying to prevent car accidents with his hands. Hospital orderlies beat him with clubs and leather straps, bound his hands with rope for up to eight hours a day, and referred to him as mwenda wazimu, a Swahili term that means “demon-possessed.” Because psychiatric medications in Tanzania are scarce, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals found that bipolar Tanzanians qualified as a persecuted social group, writing that “Mr. Temu’s membership in his proposed group is not something he has the power to change.” His deportation was cancelled.” The Refugee Dilemma



One response to “linkdump

  1. Always been a Creed fan, but now-solo Scott Stapp has a new fan. Don’t even talk to me about the cost of meds. And medical “aids” don’t fucking AID AT ALL. They have so many exclusions I wonder what benefits exactly, am I paying for??? My medical costs are so high, I manage to live by the skin of my teeth – and I live a simple, basic life. And the times government and private pharmacies RUN OUT OFF MEDICINES as common as lithium! I find it too unbelievable for words. We are neglected, swept under the rug like we’re rubbish and it enrages me

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