A brighter shade of expression

mandala expression

A mandala, brightly coloured, with focus and detail

Mandala’s and adult colouring. Are you a colourist who believes this is the latest therapeutic weapon in the arsenal of bipolar coping tools? An opportunity to gain focus, achieve mindfulness and reduce anxiety.

Do you think it’s just another trend? Perhaps the fun factor appeals to you? Pretty colours and intricate patterns allow a creative outlet. Bored, or just want to unwind? Whatever your theory on adult colouring – it never fails to release the inner child AND IT’S FUN!

Here is a simple 3D mandala to get you started. Not quite as intricate as the above image, it’s a free printable download to get you on your way. Enjoy!

11 responses to “A brighter shade of expression

  1. I bought myself a colouring book for Christmas ;-) It really is fun! I don’t find it reduces my anxiety though – in fact, it kinda increases it because my children want to colour with me… And I’m like, “No! This is MINE! You always use all MY stuff, and then I can never find my pens. Don’t touch mommy’s stuff!” – I get a bit feral about my colouring in book ;-)

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  2. I talked to my therapist about this very subject a couple of weeks ago. Right around the time the news outlets were starting to talk about the benefits of coloring for adults. And the thing was, I was kinda angry about it. I’ve been hospitalized for my mental stuff twice, and both times, coloring figured into the equation of silencing the racing thoughts. Then all of a sudden, it’s mainstream. And part of me wanted the credit for the mental health community. We’d been doing it for years! We already knew it’s benefits!

    The kicker of this was that my therapist said I wasn’t the first person to say something along those lines. The news outlets have made it sound like this is some new brilliant thing someone figured out, when in fact, us crazy people have been doing it for years.

    Color on!

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  3. I love coloring, it helps me cope with my severe akathisia. I’m no good at it. But hey as long as it makes me feel better. I’ll just not show any of my coloring projects


  4. I bought some colouring books a while back, but they’re just gathering dust… My restless nature gets the better of me and I quickly moved onto the next form of colouring… PAINT! :)

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