Waiting Rooms

It’s the same everywhere, isn’t it? Government facilities offer unparallelled opportunities to “hurry up and wait”. And we wait. And wait. For hours – placid as cattle. There’s just no point getting twitchy, one might as well kick back and try to enjoy the passing parade – or at least, avert all homicidal impulses.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if psychiatric patients could somehow get stress free and pleasant waiting rooms and experiences?


This woman’s daughter was doing the proactive waiting thing at the dispensary, by which I mean she stayed awake to listen out for her mom’s name to be called when her meds were ready. Mom, meanwhile, was free to get comfy and nap a bit.

Next up, some random, bonus waiting!

33 responses to “Waiting Rooms

  1. Reblogged this on blahpolar and commented:

    Further adventures in not very much. Is it getting boring yet? I’m wondering whether I need to find other stuff to blog about on Wednesdays? I’m gonna post photos of shrink one’s luxurious waiting room sometime soon, I think. Hmmm. Is there anything you can think of about bipolar in a South African context, that I could write about? Thanks in advance, I really do need some input.

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  2. Whoa. It’s so fucking BRIGHT. That’s one thing the center I’m going to has up on your place; the waiting room is always dim and in half-shadows. Makes it easier to sit and wait. And the waiting room isn’t that full, either. Or that big.

    Maybe that’s an idea for you. Get a comparison going of what other countries are like, what works and what doesn’t work, and make a list of what could be improved. Then you could give it to…someone who probably doesn’t give a shit. But maybe they would.

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  3. Beautiful. Really beautiful. Never thought I’d be saying that about a photo of a waiting room! For me they have always been empty and that clinical blue colour that now just feels strangely dirty to me! I live in the middle of nowhere where psychiatry care is scarce unless I get asked to have my apt at the rehab centre in which case there is so much more going on! Anyway I digress – lovely post, thank you!

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    • Well it’s not even a given that everyone can read. Also, hospitals here run out of meds, so reading would be waaaaay down on the list. You’re right though, it’s a lack.


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