Meet the Seat

Well hello there, say hi to my low chair. It’s where I park my arse for therapy weekly and weakly at ward 13. It sits on the subordinate side of Shrink Two’s desk and I’ve laughed on it, cried on it and growled quietly on it. Most weeks it hears about death and loneliness because these days, that’s what I’m mostly about. Good chair!


32 responses to “Meet the Seat

  1. I’m hating the blue. Blue for blue patients? Wait maybe it’s old school, and the blue is suppose to be calming. Something to ponder. ;) I’m hating that your so blue too. Huge hugs G-uno

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  2. That is one sad looking little chair. Don’t they have anything in the budget to get one with little wheels so you could just roll around while you share your inner most feelings?

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  3. oh that chair reminds me of being sent to the principal’s office. It’s a shame they can’t get something, donated maybe, that’s a little more comfortable. Although my therapist does have the comfy blue corduroy couch and I always sit right on the very edge anyway.

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