Emotional abuse

I found this article quite interesting… What are your thoughts on the 6 signs of emotional abuse? Have you ever experienced any of them? Do you think an emotional abuser can change these behaviours? I’d like to think that they can, but they would first have to acknowledge that a) what they are doing IS abusive, and b) that they are in fact DOING it.

I have experienced emotional abuse in relationships, and my personal experience has been that the abuser does not, or cannot, see the abuse they are perpetrating. They feel justified in their reactions or behaviour. And because the abuse is not PHYSICAL, they cannot seem to fathom that it is in fact abuse. Or that it is damaging.

Emotional (or psychological) abuse is VERY damaging. So if you ever find yourself in a relationship where the person belittles you, reminds you constantly of your failures, or tries to control you in any way, shape, or form… GET OUT. Get out now! Because recovering from that abuse can be a very, VERY long road. And if you don’t recover from it, you will continue to end up in relationships where you are emotionally abused.

And now, add in bipolar to this mix. Being bipolar, I am prone to some foolish behaviour, some really fucking UGLY behaviour (as in ranting and raving, and screaming and swearing – wanting to throw shit [not actual faeces] at peoples heads), and total withdrawal from the world. Having all this (*motions big circle in the air*) thrown in your face when you try to talk to your partner about the stuff they say and do to you that you find hurtful and damaging, is doubly abusive. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

GET OUT! Don’t fall for the charm, because they can be very charming. Even kind to you sometimes. That’s just to confuse you – to make you think you’re making the abuse up in your mind. You’re NOT. If you feel abused, you’re being abused. Its really just that simple.

Article on Emotional Abuse

A related article comes from a fellow blogger (bipolar1blog) on what to do when someone hurts you

11 responses to “Emotional abuse

  1. I want to say anyone can change. But the universe knows I am not that hopeful. But I’ll pretend. Anyone can change!

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  2. It isn’t Politically Correct to say this but in my vast experience with emotional abuse and physical abuse I sometimes thought I would rather they hit me. The bruises and blood went away but the emotional damage is still here and always will be. The person who hurt me the most is still the same. I have not seen or heard from him in many years but still hear about him. I’m 7 years sober, he’s still drunk every single day. I still cringe and start sweating when I hear a loud male voice behind me. I’ve been alone for 7 years also. I have to learn to love myself and be comfortable with who I am before I can have a healthy relationship.

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    • I’m glad you got out of that/those situation/s. And what a great job being sober for 7 years!!!!!! You’re amazing!

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      • Thank you! It’s nice to have someone think that. My family doesn’t acknowledge my sobriety they just expect it. My brother in law gets a cake after 6 months and my sister bragging how proud she is of him. She’s never said anything encouraging or positive to me about my sobriety. It makes it harder but I have to do it. Mentally and physically it was killing me.

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        • And all that just goes to show how awesome you actually are! Despite all that negativity, or outright ignoring your achievements, you have still managed to stay sober! That it’s seriously badass 😉

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  3. I grew up with an emotional abuser. Four years older than me, angry as hell, and in charge of me most of the time. She will never change. And I hope she dies in agony, agony, agony.

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    • Yes, I understand that pain! I often wonder what they get out of our? Is it just the sense of “power”? I don’t know. I just don’t understand it…

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      • Certainly my sister seemed to get some sort of emotional charge out of the abuse. I still hate her, but more and more I see it as her reactions to her own situation. She was raised by my mother, and my mother was no great mom. So sis gets angry. Four years later along I come, half doll and half punching bag for her own frustrations. None of it negates the fact that what my sister did was/is wrong. But I tend to see her as ‘sick’ these days, even more mentally ill than myself. I’m at least aware something isn’t right and seeking help. She thinks she’s doing great.

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    I was able to tell him I am no longer the reason for your misery because it started before me and will continue after me.
    I’m SOOOOOO picky to have a man that loves me and challenges me in positive ways, and if he says something that upsets me, he apologized and says he should have said it differently. And he and I TALK and COMMUNICATE. God I love him so much!!

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  5. It is a powerful article. I believe emotional abuse is more destructive than physical at times. As an example, I have been single and celebite for the past 20 years. No one has been allowed to get too close. But I am self-sufficient.

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