Be your true self

So often with bipolar, we may find ourselves forced to hide our authentic selves away. Driven by guilt, shame, stigma. Symptoms are masked and side effects of medication suppressed with even more medication and and some fervent mind manipulation added in for further effect.

Feeling judged, we have countless places in which to hide away. We shield ourselves in silence. Self-imposed isolation is a safe place to be. The fake light smile and cheery “fine thanks” is the staple of all disguises.

While these are survival instincts that come with having bipolar, it’s also important to allow yourself to be yourself. To be true to to who you are despite the confines of your mental/neurobiological illness. Be yourself and be damned if they judge. Let them gossip. Let them laugh. We don’t have to conform because we are beautifully flawed. Afterall, everyone is in their own way.

A staple home truth of mine is…. I make no apology for my own biology.

5 responses to “Be your true self

  1. Love the message of your post today, and I especially loved the quote, “I make no apology for my own biology” – thanks for sharing!!!!

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  2. Pieces I love that saying! Remember last year I sent you lemon-scented flowers? Well there’s another beautiful bouquet on its way. Great post!!

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