Flex your mind, we’re flossin’


There’s personal hygiene, oral hygiene and then there’s mental hygiene. Mental hygiene is the science of maintaining mental health.

We pay an awful lot of attention to our personal and oral hygiene. We bath, shower, shave, wax, get a haircut or colour, curl or straighten. There are mani’s and pedi’s and teeth brightening. Botox, facials, spas with hot stone massages, yoga. We have pap smears and mammograms, brush our teeth and floss. Straighten our teeth, cap our teeth and gargle. We diet rigorously, eat organically and follow the juicing trend while throwing handfulls of vitamins and minerals down our throat. But what about our mental hygiene? Are we as knowledgeable, as committed?

I touched on the subject in a previous (post) and follow up with a bit more mental floss:

Question your negative interpretation of what you heard, saw or were told.

Paranoia is a symptom of bipolar that can be alienating if you assume, or jump to a conclusion. Before ruling judgement, try to reason out the logical of a situation. Perhaps all is not as we think it was.

Hit that disconnect button when conflict is creeping up on you.

When you’re on the phone and friendly chit-chat begins to turn into conflict, put your own Mental Hygiene first and avoid unleashing the rage. Cut the call, put the phone on silent and give yourself some time to process what is unfolding, some time to consider how the situation can best be handled. This little maneuver helps avoid conflict and keeps any triggers in check.

When you are calm and ready to talk again, blame it on the phone….. oh this bloody battery I think I need to get a new one……. Oh I wondered where you disappeared to, the call just cut off….. that was strange, my phone went dead and I’ve been trying to get hold of you….

Take back control of the things you can, and see your confidence lift.

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