Let music shift your pain

So often in our daily struggles with bipolar, mired down in depression or anxiety, psychosis or anger, we can lose sight of the concept of joy, of delight, jubilation, triumph, elation and bliss. Let music come to the rescue.

One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain – Bob Marley

According to this site music can relieve symptoms of depression, induce a meditative state, reduce stress, help people eat less, improve sleep quality, elevate your mood and reduce anxiety.

So if music can help boost your recovery, can lead you out from the depths of despair, to a moment of footloose and fancy-free, I say MUSIC! PLAY ON!

5 responses to “Let music shift your pain

  1. Yes! I love listening to music and when I am down, I forget to do that to help me, which is crazy (especially since I’m the daughter of a professional violinist) but there you have it.

    You can also listen on YouTube to “focus” and “anxiety -relief” channels for both humans and pets!!!! Here’s one I listen to when writing my book because I need all the focus I can get!!! ;)

    and for Lucy:

    Xo – great post as always,

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  2. There’s something about the music in “Eye of the Tiger” that makes happiness bubble up in my belly. I love it!

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