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#FEATUREFRIDAY: Janine Binneman Giveaway

Our Lived Experience

April is known to be Fools’ month but our topic today is no joke.

Suicide is a very personal topic hence we don’t like to talk about it. The idea of our loved one suffering so much that they would rather kill themselves sends a shudder down our spines. But maybe if we open the floor to conversations exploring the feelings behind this need to leave this world, we could put an end to the shame that often is a driver to pushing us further to the edge.

The Semi Colon Project is an international drive that provides hope to those who suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety and self harm. One is encouraged to tattoo or mark one’s body (more commonly the wrist area) with a semi colon. Our prize sponsors, Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery, have especially designed pieces of Jewellery with semi colons to coincide…

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4 responses to “Giveaway: Janine Binneman Fine Jewellery #SpeakUpAboutSuicide

  1. I spend a lot of time rationalizing suicide as a retirement plan. My health is lousy and I have a good chance of developing dementia. Working in a Memory Care unit, living like that is not an option. But I don’t tatoo myself nor want to. Good luck to the winner

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  2. I talk with my daughter, therapist, minister and bipolar counselor. It’s nothing I plan to do anytime in the near or mid future. It’s an option. Death doesn’t scare me. I’m being tested for the propensity of getting dementia next week. Just being pro-active

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