Bipolar, We’re Calling YOU Out!

Do you live with bipolar disorder in South Africa? Are you diagnosed with the illness or are you a supporter? Are you struggling to keep your head above water? Or are you miraculously walking on it?

Tell us your story.

You don’t need to be a writer. We have editors for that. Poets are welcome of course.

All we want is that piece of you that you’re always afraid to share with the world. That part that will always be safe with us.

We’re looking for the story that only you can tell; a story we’ll share with others who need to read it. A story, your story, that in the sea of misery and often confusion, that’ll save lives. That’s right, your story can save a life. Sometimes we need to hear the day-to-day steps you take to get through the muck.

It’s that simple.

You send us a short (or long) piece on how you make it (or not).

Email or comment on this thread.

P.s All stories published will be anonymous, UNLESS YOU state otherwise. If you want us to reveal your name, we will gladly do so. So, there’s no need to worry about stigma.

4 responses to “Bipolar, We’re Calling YOU Out!

  1. i have overlapping disorders, i don’t know if i apply
    my blog is my story in chapters


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