[Submission:] Whispers from Shadow

Working in a health facility I so often witness how badly the people working there treat or rather approach people who have mental disorders. “Ignore that man. He’s a ‘psy’ patient. Just tell him to sit and wait to be called” or “that lady is cuckoo or crazy.” They are so negative towards them and sometimes it’s already negative in those patients’ head and they’re not helping the situation.

Sometimes they speak to them as if they think they don’t understand what you are saying.

Firstly, they have a mental disorder they are not stupid and secondly, most mental disorders don’t make you stupid.

Truth be told, I don’t think some people know anything about mental disorders in depth. They just have a vague idea of what it is but not how it affects the person. Myself and a colleague had a conversation about mental disorders and what stood out the most was that she said was “it can happen to anyone at anytime or age” So people shouldn’t laugh or look down upon people that have mental disorders because it could be your mom, brother, grandma or child.

There was an old lady who didn’t understand how or what pills to take. I took it upon myself to help her read the label and explained the instructions again. She understood. I also asked how she was doing and she said she is okay. She thanked me so much for the pills although I never gave them to her and for caring. She said she really need those pills to be well and I just answered “Yes Mrs, I understand.” She carried on talking about how she felt but unfortunately had to say she should keep well and remember to take the pills because I had to get back work. What we forget is that sometimes the patients just want an ear to listen and not just ask about their symptoms.

This is just how I see it in my eyes and what I imagine people would feel. I feel down when people treat patients like that.

Maybe others see it differently

2 responses to “[Submission:] Whispers from Shadow

  1. You are so right. I to work in an assisted living facility and care for a woman with Alzheimer’s who used to be a trailblazer for women on Wall Street and broke the glass Ceiling for other women. She opened up trade between Brazil and the US when her husband came to work at her agency after her years at one of the top five finance companies in the US as a VP of finance, her husband a lawyer worked for her. Today was her 85th birthday. Her secretary of 40 years and her husband secretary of 30 years called with their birthday wishes as did her housekeeper. She has been D righted by Others and has and though she may not have burned in working order right now she contributed a great deal to the world and deserves respect and consideration. There are many that are like this, often the forgotten ones. They can be difficult but orhers need to understand, they could be looking at a loved one or themselves. So how should they be treated?


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