World Suicide Prevention Day – Goodbye Ulla

Hello everyone,

I never imagined that a day would come where I had to say goodbye to one of my colleagues. I never imagined that I would sit on my couch and grapple with different emotions and words. So few words come to the fore. I’m scared to put down to words how I feel because I’m scared it’s not good enough.

I wrote a more personal post here,  but I  wanted us to say goodbye on behalf of all of us here at OLE.
On this day, we stand in solidarity and stand with you Ulla. We lost you to suicide. We lost you to this illness we fight on a daily basis.

We lost you.

I remember when I first had the idea of this site; I was looking for South Africans all over the web. There were so few. And then you came along, I think it was Dyane (your Fryane) who introduced me to you. For days days and nights we’d just sit and chat about where we’d want to take this project. You were so inspired and full of hope. Thank you for believing in our mission, our plight.  Thank you for taking the time to set up this site. We appreciated all of the skills to brought to this party.

We respect your decision and we hope that you are at peace now.

We will continue to fight the stigma. We will continue to educate.

We will celebrate your life, your fight. You fought long and hard for – even for all us, your tribe.

We salute you. Our warrior. Our Blahpolar, our Ulla.


The OLE team

Yvette, Ilze and Charlotte

One response to “World Suicide Prevention Day – Goodbye Ulla

  1. She worked hard for this site – a labour of love. Thank you Yve for all your beautiful words honouring our Tribe Leader today. They have comforted me more than you can imagine.
    The vigil gave me strength, sounds so cliché but it’s truth. I feel so comforted, like we’re literally supporting each other’s hearts. I wrote recently about bipolar and healing and that it takes a village. Together we create a village, an online one, but no less important.
    Words are so powerful and can change the course of a person’s life. Blessings to you and the OLE Team XX


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