The End- When Our Lived Experience goes to sleep

Our Lived Experience closes its doors

I hate it when I receive emails that start off with “It is with great sadness…”

So, I refuse to start this post with those words. Yes, I have some sad news, but no need to dwell.

The Our Lived Experience team have agreed with me that we do not have the resources to manage this project anymore.  We do hope though, that we could help others bring their experiences to life here and also provide a safe space for those stories too.

The Our Lived Experience contributors haven’t only blogged here, and you are more than welcome to check out their profiles (on the right-hand side of the site, there should be a list) and where they continue their mental health advocacy (amongst other) work.

Yes, because the story, and their story, does not end here.

We continue the mission but on other platforms and in different ways.

We want to thank you all for the support over the years, especially our comrade Blah. She was a major inspiration for the creation of this project and I am certain she will be proud to see us continue the work in ways that best suit our ever-changing lives.

Yes, we live. We have challenges, but we are here- speaking up and proving that a mental illness can never define us.

Ulla, our Blue, thank you for your light.

SADAG, thank you for the support over the years too. You provided us with so many opportunities to reach many others who were suffering.

We won’t be deleting this site as it does contain a wealth of information in the form of resources especially for South Africans, as well as rich stories that may change lives.

As mentioned, you are welcome to contact the members via their WordPress profiles or email me, Yvette Hess, the co-founder, and contributor:

Keep the fire burning bright.


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